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Notifications Inspection Notification.pdf 

Sl No  Name of the Document Date Version Source Size
1 Third Party Certification of Boilers - BOE   English    
2 Circular on Joint Inspection of Factories   English    
3 Notification allowing issue of Factory License and all subsequent renewals with validity upto 10 years   English    
4 Draft Notification for Renewal of License upto 15 years   English    
5 Notification on Risk Based Inspection of Factories   English    
6 IBR Notification   English    
7 Notification allowing Women workers to work in Night Shifts   English    
8 Notification of Combined Annual Return Form No.20   English    
9 Notification on Safety Audit Rules   English    
10 Notification on Self Certification of Factories   English    
11 Sakala Notification of Services (Kannada)   Kannada    
12 Sakala Notification of Services (English)   English    
13 Sakala Notification of Services (Revised)   English    
14 Sakala Notification of Services (Boilers)   English    
15 Circular mandating same Inspector shall not inspect the same establishment twice consecutively   English    
16 The Factories (Karnataka Amenedment) Ordinance 2020   English    
17 Notification allowing registration and renewal of Factory Licence upto 15 Years   English    
18 Guidelines for inspection of factories storing or using styrene for the manufacturing process   Kannada    

Notification of Auto Renewal of Factory Licence




Deletion of Sakala Services


Registration of Health Centres in Factories under KPME Act



Registration of Canteens under FSSAI Act    





Notification on mandatory submission of Applications Online, Inspection & maintenance of Digital Registers



Notification on Submission of Combined Annual Returns Form 20

25 Quarantine Leave for Workers    English    
26 Qualification Conditions and Duties of Safety Officers    English    
27 Third Party Inspection and Certification of Boilers Operation Engineers(Gazette Notification)    English    
28 Karnataka Boiler (Amendment) Rules, 2019 Gazette Notification    English    
 29 Circular on appointment of Safety officer    English    
 30 Safety hand Book for Workers    English    
 31 Draft of the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (Karnataka)Rules, 2021    English    
 32 Safety hand book-Small Industries    English    


 Recognition of Competent Persons     English    


Fish Processing Safety Precaution    English    
 35 Guidelines for the preparation of On-Site Emergency Plan    English    
36 Recognition of Competent Persons under the BOCW Act & Rules   English    


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